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Exploring Art in Ireland!

Ireland is an art lovers paradise. The country has given birth to some great literature, music and paintings undoubtedly. Speaking of Literature, George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde and Jonathan Swift hail from Ireland. Ireland has a diverse range of events representing all forms and genres of art. Several museums, prehistoric treasures, culture and art

Famous Art and Artists from Ireland!

Art is highly subjective and popularity of artists is dependent on several factors. Time and again, Irish artists have established their art and fame by demonstrating verifiable skills. Beginning with the 18th century, each decade has had its remarkable share of renowned artists. The artists in Ireland have modulated from academic-style classical realist to

U2 – The Irish Rock Band that takes the World by Storm

U2 is an Irish rock band from Dublin, Ireland. Currently, U2 needs no introduction as the band has earned a larger than life fame for themselves. The band broke several notions pertaining to rock bands existence in a commercial spectrum. The band was formed in the year 1976 with members Bono, David Howell Evans,

Luck O’ the Irish Slots

Luck O’ slot machine is one of the most famous thing about Ireland. It is a colorful combination of luck and entertainment. The Luck O’ the Irish slots run around the theme of the glorious Irish life. The slot is set in an Irish meadow where the rainbow is arching across the sky representing

Traditional Irish Instruments

Music is an integral part of art and culture in Ireland. Irish folk music has created its identity with the help of centuries of old traditional Irish instruments. In fact, Ireland is the only country in the world to have a musical instrument as its national symbol, which is the “Harp.” The harp is

Where to find the Best Casinos in Ireland?

Ireland is an important destination in Europe when it comes to Casino and Poker. Most of the clubs in Ireland offer all the classic casino games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Slots. Ireland is also a popular destination for poker. The capital city of Dublin has some of the leading casinos of Ireland.

What Defines Irish Art?

Art has been engraved in the Irish culture since 3300 BCE. Celtic metalwork & Stone Sculptures, Illuminated Manuscripts and High Cross Sculptures are favorites among art historians and until today, the mysteries behind the creations is constantly unraveling. During the early 18th century, an increase in wealth and prosperity of Ireland led to emergence

Funny Irish Drinking Songs to Remember!

Irish drinking songs, which are funny is a genre in itself because there are more than a dozen of artists who dedicate their talent to write hilarious songs revolving around alcohol. This genre of music is also popularly known as ‘Celtic Comedy Songs.’ The genre has been made famous by music artists like Seamus

The Perfect Tourist Guide in Ireland!

Ireland is a distinct combination of several years of history and culture along with the picturesque landscapes across the country. People planning to visit Ireland need to do some preparation as they are spoiled with multiple choices. A perfect trip to Ireland would involve mixing culture and nature in an appropriate amount. Ireland has

10 Things you did not know about the Irish!

Ireland is truly a land of fascinating facts, and most of the world are unaware of it. There are rules, customs and fun facts about the Irish worth exploring. For example, did you know that Writers and Artists are free from income tax? It is a visionary law, indeed. The art industry is slowly