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The Best Places to Enjoy Traditional Irish Music

Traditional Irish music is instantly recognisable. The bouncing banjo, the tooting of a tin whistle and the jig inducing screech of the fiddle, all blend together to create a uniquely Irish sound. The Irish are famed worldwide as being a musical nation, with traditional songs dating back many centuries. Whether you’re visiting the Emerald

Irish Art Festivals

The arts are an integral part of the Irish culture. It can be felt in the very air you breathe, in the music drifting from old pubs and the creative street art. Many famous poets, authors, musicians, actors and painters hail from this cultural hub. One can experience the arts in many ways, but

Top 10 Famous Irish Paintings

Ireland has such a rich history and culture, with the arts adding enormous depth to the character of the country, as demonstrated by the following paintings. Start saving up, occasionally some of these paintings appear at auctions around the world. Though you’ll need to be a billionaire businessman or someone who struck gold on

An Insight into the Irish Gambling Laws

Ireland is a country with constantly progressing gambling laws as gambling is deeply engraved in the Irish culture for centuries. Currently, there are many cities which offer completely legal gambling facilities. There are multiple legal casinos options and most of them are located in Dublin, which makes it the largest gambling city in Ireland.

Irish Art Magazines you must read!

There are several art magazine in Ireland known for their quality writing related to contemporary visual art, literature and poetry. Some are on online portals while others are published monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annually. Below is the comprehensive list: The Poetry Bus Magazine The Poetry Bus magazine takes local and international submission of poetry,