10 Things you did not know about the Irish!

Ireland is truly a land of fascinating facts, and most of the world are unaware of it. There are rules, customs and fun facts about the Irish worth exploring. For example, did you know that Writers and Artists are free from income tax? It is a visionary law, indeed. The art industry is slowly succumbing to money and the world should take this as an example to promote people’s artistic endeavors. Ireland, in fact, establishes many such fascinating laws. The Irish State pays you to have kids and supports their existence for eighteen years. People aged over 66 are entitled to the Free Travel Scheme, Irish-Harpwhich means they have free access to the public transport within the country.

The national symbol of Ireland is the harp which makes Ireland the only country in the world that has a musical instrument as its national symbol. There are many stereotypical assumptions carried by people about Ireland and Irish community and it is about time to unravel them! It is kind of hilarious when people assume all Irish people are pirates. It is not true, fortunately. Similarly, traditional matchmaking festivals do not guarantee soul mates. It is an event of historical importance celebrated with good enthusiasm.

Irish people like their alcohol but still it is an offense to be drunk in public in Ireland. Also, until the early 1990s, Ireland had a low per capita consumption of alcohol. Irish people’s excessive attachment to alcohol is a brand new phenomenon. People of Nigeria and Britain drink more Guinness than Irish folks. Ireland is the third largest market for Guinness. Nonetheless, it is ‘the’ brand of beer and if you get your hands on it, do not refrain from tasting it.

Lastly, the Oscar statuette which is handed out at the Academy Awards was designed by an Irish man called Cedric Gibbons who won eleven Oscars himself!