Exploring Art in Ireland!

Ireland is an art lovers paradise. The country has given birth to some great literature, music and paintings undoubtedly. Speaking of Literature, George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde and Jonathan Swift hail from Ireland. Ireland has a diverse range of events representing all forms and genres of art. Several museums, prehistoric treasures, culture and art center and galleries are spread throughout the country. The capital city Dublin alone is home to a large number of museums and attractive artistic locations.

The city has preserved some of the archaeological masterpieces and has multiple world heritage sites. These sites are capable of taking you way back in time and history shines through these 9544933073_6e65703e7a_barchitecture marvels. The composition of several kinds museums is glorious. They have a museum dedicated to each and every possible art form. Rock ‘N’ Roll, Modern Art, Literature, Castles, Whiskey and several other intriguing topics have a museum waiting to be explored. Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Armagh, Newry and Lisburn are cities filled with art and culture. While visiting these cities, there is one particle art form you will notice emerging — street art.

Street art has variants and all the variants are visible in most of the cities of Ireland. Who doesn’t enjoy walking alongside a cool looking graffiti, after all?

Lastly, Ireland is also home to many prestigious annual art festivals. Just like museums, there are festivals dedicated to several forms of art. Drogheda Arts Festival(Apr 26 – May 02, 2016) takes place beside where the River Boyne meets the sea. Kilkenny Arts Festival(August 5 -14, 2016) is an intellectual ground that celebrates Music & Theater while conducting Literature & Talks. Boyle Arts Festival(July 21-30 2016) involves drama, film, literature, theater and music.

Ireland is a country built on cornerstones of several art forms. Clearly, art is a way of life in Ireland.