Famous Art and Artists from Ireland!

Art is highly subjective and popularity of artists is dependent on several factors. Time and again, Irish artists have established their art and fame by demonstrating verifiable skills. Beginning with the 18th century, each decade has had its remarkable share of renowned artists.

The artists in Ireland have modulated from academic-style classical realist to expressionist and impressionist landscape painters. In the early twentieth century, Dublin-born artist Francis Bacon painted provocative along with expressive painting depicting post-World War II scenarios. He is known for his painting called “Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion,” and “Three Studies of Lucian Freud.MarriageAoifeStrongbow” While Francis Bacon was a figurative painter, other painters were working on the lines of history too. Painting events of history is an extremely profound activity. Daniel Maclise, a very successful Irish artist of the 19th century, painted historical events and portraits. One must see his splendid painting called “The Marriage of Strongbow and Aoife” at the National Gallery of Ireland. Daniel Maclise was also the man behind many of Charles Dickens books illustration.

In the era of the 20th century, several iconographies emerged in the Irish world. Jack Butler Yeats was one of the most important Irish artists of his time. He began as a graphic artist and cartoonist but gradually moved towards painting everyday lives of people. At times, he also painted mythological scenes from Ireland. Ireland has had a host of significant female artists as well and one such artist was Mildred Anne Butler, who rose to fame with her landscape paintings. In 1910, Queen Alexandra of Denmark bought one of her paintings. If you wish to see her work, head to the National Gallery of Ireland, the Ulster Museum and the Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery in Dublin.

The world of Irish painters is a vast one. The fact that they are inspired by Irish ways of being and their beautiful country is easily visible in their paintings.