Irish Art Magazines you must read!

There are s2454435174_9ce73cb1b8_beveral art magazine in Ireland known for their quality writing related to contemporary visual art, literature and poetry. Some are on online portals while others are published monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annually. Below is the comprehensive list:

  • The Poetry Bus Magazine

The Poetry Bus magazine takes local and international submission of poetry, fiction, art, short stories, graphic art, opinion pieces and covering almost everything about the art world. They make interesting editorial choices, and their magazine is a definite pick.

  • Spontaneity

Spontaneity is an online portal with an interesting concept. Visit and explore the magical world of art and literature collectively.

  • Irish Art Review

Irish Art Review was founded in 1984 and since then, has been published quarterly. It is one of the leading art magazines of Ireland which are known nationally and internationally for its choice of content.

  • The Moth Magazine

The Moth Magazine is a popular magazine from Ireland and has got excellent reviews from around the world. It covers poetry, art and literature.

  • Critical Bastards Magazine

As the name suggests, Critical Bastards Magazines are known for their critical texts and reviews related to the theme of art theory and visual contemporary art. It provides enriching information regarding the ups and downs of Irish art world.

  • Printed Project

Printed Project is a collaboration project where critics, writers and visual artists collectively publish this magazine twice in a year. The collaborative effort of all sorts of talent makes this magazine an interesting read.

  • Irish Theatre Magazine

Irish Theatre Magazine was founded in Dublin in 1998 and covers Irish Theatre extensively. However, it also has features related to visual contemporary art.

  • Circa Art Magazine

Circa is a quarterly published art magazine for contemporary visual art. The magazine is committed to reflecting the visual culture of Ireland. It serves as a resourceful magazine to artists, academics, students and researchers.