Ireland has an eclectic mix of festivals to offer all year round. Beginning with music, art, film and literature to food and fashion, Ireland celebrates everything with unmatched energy and enthusiasm.4868541_4e603659

  • Rory Gallagher International Tribute Festival

Rory Gallagher International Tribute Festival(June 2nd-5th) is conducted to celebrate the brilliance of Late Rory Gallagher each year. Fans of rock n’ roll swear by this annual music festival which happens in the city of Ballyshannon, which is located in the North West of Ireland. This year the festival is going to have a much-awaited performance by Wilko Johnson & his band on 4th June 2016. If you are into rock music, think no more!

  • Sea Sessions Surf and Music Festival

The perfect combination of sea, sand and music is what Sea Sessions Surf and Music Festival is all about. The name of the festival sums everything up, and if you want to try musical adventure amidst the nature between 24-26 June 2016, Bundoran is your place to be!

  • West Cork Chamber Music Festival

West Cork Chamber Music Festival ( July 1-9 2016) takes place at the famous Bantry Bay in Ireland. Along with the spectacular location and a host of fantastic artists, this year the festival is also celebrating its 21st anniversary. If a festival has a reputation for two decades and is being held in the breathtaking views, no one should have a second thought about attending it!

  • Another Love Story

The festival is called “Another Love Story” because it has everything one is bound to fall in love with. It will take place on 22nd August – 24th August and will include music, film, food, discussions, friends and yoga at a location surrounded by nature. It is something to be indulging in the late summers!

Throughout September, Lisdoonvarna matchmaking festival which is over 150 years old brings people together in the hope of finding their soulmates and in case you are in the mood to find one, you know your direction now! If you don’t find a soul mate, you will still have witnessed history’s personification of soul mates.