Popular Songs in Irish Pubs

“God invented whiskey so the Irish wouldn’t rule the world,” goes the famous Irish drinking toasts. Well, as a matter of fact there is no clear demarcation between sober and drunken Irish community as alcohol is synonymous with food in Ireland. The atmosphere inside the pubs in Ireland is quite an electrical one. People are joyously drinking their alcohol and singing songs aloud. It can come handy to know a couple of popular songs in Irish pubs. Most of the popular songs for absolutely good reason revolve around the profound topic of alcohol. There are especially albums dedicated to thMoville,_Co._Donegal_-_geograph.org.uk_-_51148e subject of ‘Irish drinking songs’ and people around the world willingly have made those records hit ones! Charlie Mopps wrote a song called ‘Beer, Beer, Beer’ which now is an anthem of pubs across the island of Ireland. A song by Irish Rovers called ‘Drunken Sailor’ is quite popular too along with ‘The Dubliners – Whiskey in the Jar,’ which is an absolute craze not just in pubs in Ireland but across the world. The song ‘Wild Rover’ has been covered by many famous Irish musicians such as ‘The Dubliners,’ and Clancy brothers. The lyrics of the song is quite interestingly put as the song proudly speaks of spending all of one’s money on whiskey and beer. It is the story of everybody’s lives. The song called ‘Fiddler’s Green’ by John Conolly is another infamous one which speaks of free beers and bottles of rum. It is interesting to observe to what extent alcohol is romanticised in Irish drinking songs while finely separating it with all the theoretical notions of alcoholism. The songs are rather happy ones and are written, composed and sung in good humour. Speaking of which, the song ‘Everybody needs a drinking song’ by Marc Gunn is one song that sums up overall emotions of people drinking in Irish pubs and therefore, is rightly popular.