The Soulful Connection between Art and Music!

Many perceive art to be musical and music to be artistic. It is a well-established notion that music is an art. In fact, anything which involves our creativity and imagination is considered to be a form of art.

It was long ago recognized by Plato that there is a special connection between eye and sound. The word ‘Classical’ in ‘Classical music’ refers to ‘classical’ Greek and Roman art. Surprising! Isn’t it? Even while watching movies, background scores add necessary meanings to moving images. It helps in generation of feelings and emotions. Music and art both ultimately are known to move human beings internally or externally. There is a smooth and harmonious relationship between music and painting.

Nowadays, most of the art exhibitions are designed in a way where there is special attention paid to the choice of background music. It is elemental that the genre of art exhibition and choice of music is well synchronized in terms of theme.

Many artists around the globe create an Gustave_Doré_-_Loch_Lomondinterplay between art and music. “The music and art connection can best be described in the late 19th century concepts of synesthesia or the blending of senses. The idea means that sensory perception of one kind can manifest itself as a sensory experience of another. The color was considered a core element in sensory perception and in seeing color it has been asserted that one hears certain sounds. As with music, color can act directly upon the emotions.”

There are many artists who are famous showcasing the relation between music and art. For example, Gustav Dore, Francis Bacon, Hans Bellmer, Hieronymous Bosch, Remedios Varo, Otto Dix, Albrecht Durer, Takato Yamamoto and Harry Clarke are a few names of artists who have created illustrations which have been largely associated with metal music.

Artists and musicians often depend on each other for inspiration.