Given the long history of Irish music, Ireland has produced a grand list of musicians. Everyone is familiar with Van Morrison and his genius contribution to the world of music. “Hey, where did we go, Day when the rains came?, Down in the hollow, Playing a new game, …You, my brown-eyed girl,” sang Van Morrison in the 70s which are still played on radio stations around the world along with his multiple other hit songs.’The Cranberries’ are a sensation in their ways and people enjoy singing their songs for karaoke nights each time. We all try to sing ‘Zombie,’ don’t we? ‘The Script’ is another super hit band from Ireland taking the world at awe one step at a time. So are “The Dubliners,” who are fascinating their fans all the time with songs such as ‘Whiskey in Jar,’ ‘Seven Drunken Nights,’ and ‘The Rocky Road to Dublin.’ This band particularly has aesthetics of Irish folk music. ‘The Corrs’ is a popular band with their evergreen music. There is so much wisdom in their relatable songs. It is a delight to watch them play and sing live. ‘The Irish Rovers,’Thin Lizzy,’ and ‘Gilbert O’Sullivan’ are the infamous picks from the sixties and seventies. ‘U2’ has been mostly everyone’s fascination and they still tour which is great! Lastly, ‘Snow Patrol’ from the 21st century is the band which truly created a sensation with their song “Chasing Cars.” Their music was also used for hit television series ‘Grey’s Anatomy.1280px-Dubliners_Luxembourg

One just cannot fathom the genius of musical talent which lies in Ireland. Its musicians have been all around the world spreading their music and making this world a profound musical place indeed. Truth be told, the list of amazing Irish musicians is pretty long, and we still want the country to keep producing musical geniuses.