Top 10 Famous Irish Paintings

Ireland has such a rich history and culture, with the arts adding enormous depth to the character of the country, as demonstrated by the following paintings. Start saving up, occasionally some of these paintings appear at auctions around the world. Though you’ll need to be a billionaire businessman or someone who struck gold on their ipad casino  app, or perhaps a superstar to afford one!

Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion – Francis Bacon

Created in just two weeks, this unusual triptych can be viewed at the Tate Britain.

To the Unknown British Soldier in France – William Orpen

Painted to commemorate the peace conference at Versailles, this oil painting can be viewed at the Imperial War Museum in London.

A Full Tram – Jack Butler Yeats929px-William_Orpen_-_Zonnebeke_-_Google_Art_Project

The unusual, sometimes brushless, techniques employed by Yeats, paired with his love of vibrant colours, create this stunning work.

Flowers on a Shore – Daniel O’Neill

Found in Ulster Museum in Belfast, this striking image captures the mood of the Irish coast.

Still Life With Frying Pan – William Scott

A work of simplistic, stark contrasts.

Sick Tinker Child – Louis Le Brocquy

A dark story lies beneath the broad but precise brush strokes, in this haunting oil painting.

The Progress of Human Culture – James Barry

A six piece epic that is unfortunately rarely shown in public, located in the Great Room of the Royal Society of Arts in London.

Yellow Landscape – Roderic O’Conor

Influenced by Van Gogh, this beautiful, moody landscape can be viewed at the Tate Britain.

Feeding the Chickens – Walter Frederick Osborne

Capturing the cosy, simple life, this lifelike oil painting is one of a series.

Autumnal Greys (Forest of Fontainebleau) – Frank O’Meara

This lifelike depiction hides a subtle sense of melancholia within its stark beauty.