What Defines Irish Art?

vista-dal-cortile-2The arts are held in extremely high regard in Ireland. This has been the case for thousands of years. To this day some of the world’s most important academies and schools can be found in Ireland.

Pre-Christian Art

From around 400 BC, the Celts – master metal workers – fashioned intricate designs out of gold, bronze and copper. The famous Celtic cross and striking spiral and interlace designs were created during this period. A large number of these treasures are on display in the National Museum of Ireland. The Turoe stone, carved from granite, is a classic example of Celtic stone work.

Christian Art

With the introduction of Christianity to Ireland came ever new forms of art. Putting ink to paper, the Irish created many beautiful, religious works of art in the form of illuminated manuscripts. The Celtic style was not lost and many works incorporated Celtic designs. The Book of Kells is a classic example. Large “high cross” stone sculptures were also produced and can still be found scattered throughout Ireland.

Modern Art Forms

The definition of art has always been protean. In the age of the Internet Irish art is thriving. From graphic designers to developers responsible for a wide range of apps such as DoneDeal and Spin Palace Online Casino, the digital age has produced new forms of art and some fantastic new Irish artists.

Famous Painters

Ireland has produced many world class painters, creating a varied array of works. From landscape impressionists to abstract modernists, Ireland has seen them all. Works have sold at international auctions for millions.


Music is in the blood of Ireland, with famous folk songs such as Galway Girl being sung with vigour generation after generation. More mainstream bands such as U2 or The Frames have put Irish music on the international map.